Eagles Nest Cabin on Lake Vermilion


Eagle's Nest Cabin was named for the American Bald Eagles that make their homes around Lake Vermilion. You will spot bald eagles often sitting near the very top of sturdy (most often pine) trees. Most often the bald eagles also have a very large nest is the middle to upper section of the tree. This perch gives them an excellent view to watch for both prey and predators.

Eagle's Nest Cabin is is likewise situated on a bluff giving an Eagle's view of Black Bay Lake Vermilion. Sitting in the cabin or on the deck one has a commanding view over the trees of all the surroundings. This provides an awesome way to view nature yet still be only steps from the lake. Originally built in October 2003 the cabin burned completely down in February 2015 leaving only the well and dock. It was rebuilt in 2016 and features luxury amenities. To view the cabin web site click on the logo at the bottom of the page.

I encourage you to learn more about american bald eagles by visiting the Bald Eagle Information Site or Winkipedia.

Pictured above view of the cabin.from the deck. Pictured below "fisheye" view of the lake from the deck.
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